Nativea as a company is specialized to native voice talents and our features are an individual media production, consulting, casting, and project management as well as full service. Native speakers, quick delivery times and individual pricing are central pads of our competence.

Nativea "nice voices" highest priority is the benefit for our customers and the sustainability of solutions. Our success is based on systematical consulting, analysis, planning, designing and passionate controlling which leads to the best solution for our customers.

Nativea is a brand by “take a nice voice” advertising productions and it is a German company-managed and independent company which has its base in Germany, producing individual speech productions, film productions and text translations for customers all over the world. Since more than eight years “take a nice voice” advertising productions has been operating to fulfill the customer’s individual speaker requests.

Especially this makes us fulfilling the phrase service and hence, our social responsibility related to the value chain and we are internationally open-minded for challenges and cooperation.

We earn our money by having a planned functioning and providing service, innovation and advantage. Our service and competence are our biggest assets. That is the feature of Native “nice voices” as a full service speaker agency.

We are looking forward to your request for being able to work for you soon.

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Miriam Molitor is the manager of “take a nice voice” advertising productions. In 1997 she started as a singer to train her voice at certain events and in certain CD-productions. In 2007 Patrick Molitor established ”take a nice voice” advertising productions. Since that moment “take a nice voice” advertising productions is not only a contact point concerning our speaker Miriam Molitor, but also while looking for a native speaker in a certain language.

Meanwhile the focus is on the merchandising of international native speakers in more than 30 different languages. In 2015 Native “nice voices” was established by Patrick Molitor as a brand by “take a nice voice” advertising productions. Here, Miriam Molitor is available as well as an experienced and competent manager, serving you in all questions about speech productions and advertising productions.

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