Internet & Movie Production

Media and internet clarify one factor more and more: The one wins who is able to present oneself most attractively to the media. Fats moving communication and density of information are on the agenda.


Your internet & movie production with Nativea “nice voices”

You are an entrepreneur, CEO or marketing responsible in a company? You are planning advertising strategies and are looking for a partner for a high-quality video production? We can be your partner in the fields of video productions, image movies, educational- and animated movies. Starting with classical image movies, structured and high-quality video productions up to time-consuming animated movies. We provide you with quality and a strong concept from one source.

  • Image videos, music videos and documentations
  • Commercials, spots, educational videos and animated movies
  • Project development beginning with storyboard and shoot up to post production


Our offers in one glance:


Movie production from A to Z:

  • Project development (development of ideas, script/storyboard, choosing locations/sets, actors, booking prop (if necessary)
  • Shooting (building up movie sets, shooting footage, sound recordings)
  • Post production (viewing of graphical material, cut, sound/music, visual effects, graphics, animation, title, script, transitions, intro/outro (credits), color corrections (look), completion of the movie (rendering/mastering) and many more..

Our movie categories:

  • Image movies (representation of companies and businesses/ representation of products and productions (manufacturing)
  • Music videos (recording of singing/ putting scenery and sets in the limelight
  • Documentations (detailed report about a certain topic)
  • Portrait/ biography (introducing persons)
  • Commercials/ spots (selling/ representing/ illustrating a product)
  • Educational movie (simply explaining a topic using texts and graphics)
  • Animated movies (interestingly animating products/ objects)
  • Visual effects movie (3D graphics, abstract effects)


Internet & Movie Production

You want unique products and results dealing with you? Being different than the mass and doing your own style? Then you should contact us. With pleasure we take our time to talk about your situation and your goals. In the following we develop an authentic concept to present all your desires in one system. Join us in working on the visual quality of your videos and connecting this to your company-based qualities. We are looking forward to your request.