Project Management by Nativea nice voices!


We can no longer imagine most professions and services without the wide spread word project management, because it is the basis for a successful project handling. A successful project work is based on two important pillars:

1.       Command of project methods, techniques and the corresponding project management tools!

2.       Command of well developed soft skills!

Nativea nice voices offers you those two stable pillars, orientated to the worldwide disseminated standard of the Project Management Institute (PMI)


What do I need the project management by Nativea nice voices for?


Considering constantly repeated work or processes project management is not necessarily required as these are line activities.

In comparison project work means, that each project is unique (also projects by Nativea nice voices). Thus project management can be compared to a good travel planning where the destination is known prior to departure. How can I now reach this goal best and which way is the right one?

Depending on the way chosen, not every journey runs smoothly, as there might occur incidents that might change the plan. Then it has to be considered how the journey might continue despite the problems. There has to be a new itinerary, but how?

For this purpose, project management by Nativea is perfectly suitable to immediately help you out with all your processes and issues.


Which project management processes do have to be considered and structured in the project?


Each process describes how the project objective is concluded and how the project schedule or reports are created. Each process provides an outcome, which has to be managed. The initializing process initiates the requirements and thus the planning of the project schedule. This plan provides the outcome, which constitutes the formal completion of the project in the final project processes.

  1. Initiation of a project with a customer request to Nativea nice voices!
  2. The project planning, considering the following important processes (dates, costs, quality, staff, communication, risk management and acquisition)
  3. The execution, which ensures the performance of all actions, including quality management, information systems, development of project teams and the choice of the supplier
  4. The supervision and control monitors the implementation of everything planned. Managing indeed means to evaluate the results of the project monitoring and, just in case, intervene in the processes.
  5. The completion takes as much time as it takes all processes to get a result.
  6. In this case a result would be a successful voice-, video- or translation production, which is delivered to the customer so that it can be confirmed by them as a success.

Nativea nice voices is looking forward to start the next project jointly with you.

We are looking forward to your request!