Speaker prices of „Nativea“ nice voices

The motto of Nativea nice voices is: Not only the number of speakers counts, but the quality, linked to an excellent price-performance ratio, as given at Nativea nice voices. Naturally quality has its price, too. Our speaker's prices have been optimised to offer you an excellent quality at customer-oriented prices.

That means we are able to offer you personalised prices per native speaker, when compared to the current market situation and competitors.  Which means for you as a customer that we can offer you a price situation which is accepted and valued worldwide. 


Why a native speaker?

You require a native speaker if you need a language production for your commercial or film. This means that you need a native speaker of a certain language, who is accustomed to the culture and language of the land. This way he can speak out the script considering the language and dialect to make a native inhabitant of that country understand the content and nuances perfectly -  he can identify with the speech of the native speaker, because it touches his heart.


How much is a native speaker on the speaker´s market?

Based on our longtime experience with Take A Nice Voice Commercial Productions, we as the brand „Nativea“ are in the position to offer you a personalised pricing fitting your project. This will not be the usual market prices, but very favourable terms. 

A good native speaker here in Germany and also in other countries costs between EUR 400 to 650, depending on the selected language, for a language production without timing. The price will certainly have a tendency upwards, esp. with  synchronous timings, with EUR 500 – 750 for five minutes.

A disadvantage can be that you may only have one to two minutes of speaker's script but have to pay for five minutes, including rights of use. We at „Nativea Nice Voices“ find that unfair and offer you prices for native speakers which surely allow you to implement your desired language projects in economically difficult times.


Which native speaker categories does Nativea minutes of nice voices offer you?

Nativea offers its customers two categories of native speakers: There are the categories Native Speaker Flexible and Native Speaker Premium.


Native speaker flexible

In addition to the demo with a " F " marks: means for you as a customer that the native speaker will get an customer-oriented or customary market prices payment for his speech production.

Native speaker Premium

In addition to the demo " without " marks: means for you as a customer that the native speaker will ask for customary market prices or above-average prices for language productions.


How much is a native speaker at Nativea?


Nativea doesn't use fixed price systems, as you will often find on the market, but project-related prices. That means that we accomodate customers who require a language production of up to one minute, as well as enquiries of two to three minutes or 90 minutes production time. 


Book a Native voice artist from 55 € for a commercial radio spot until 20 sec.

Book a Native voice artist from 140 € for a 1 minute voice over script


On the basis of this characteristic alone, amongst others, Nativea (www.native-voice-talents.com) can be seen as your competent service provider, as we have a unique selling proposition in the field of speaker's prices, too. Put us to the test and place an enquiry for your desired native speaker. We will gladly advise you when seeking the perfect voice and will gladly inform you about speaker's prices! We are looking forward to your enquiry!