Audio book production and preparation with an audio book speaker by Nativea nice voices

An audio book production by Nativea nice voices offers you a competent service and security that you as our customer deserve. We professionally produce your texts to customer-oriented prices.

Our long experience has shown that an individual presentation of your manuscripts in a professional audio book requires a professional audio book speaker, no matter, if you want to add sound to an already published book or to your personal ideas.

Nativea supports you from the first consultation by an audio book speaker up to the conception and implementation of your planned audio book productions. After choosing the speaker you will receive a free demo if the audio book speaker, providing you with a feeling of how this individual speaker could sound with your text. We can also produce your complete audio book with background music, different roles and sound effect. We would like to help you!

Just send us some text passages for the planned production and within a few days you will receive a free demo for your audio book with the voice of the professional audio book speaker.


Why having an audio book speaker by Nativea for an audio book production?

The popularity of audio and visual media is increasing more and more. Using an audio book production you can reach even more people which is a huge advantage for you and your advertising purposes. Not without a reason, our service is the adequate point of contact if you are looking for an audio book speaker for your upcoming audio book production.


Procedure and pricing of an audio book production by Nativea

The pricing for an audio book depends on many factors as our experience with customers has shown that billing per hour or per word is the best solution. Nevertheless it has shown that a billing per word is the most common and most customer-oriented solution. Nativea determines the best possible solution for your audio book production!



We have a price range that is calculated depending on the extent of the audio book production. Our price range per word for all common audio book lengths ranges between 0,05 and 0,12 Eurocents. Since we also want to serve customers with a smaller amount of words, our minimum word number is 1000.


Examples of complete audio book productions with an audio book speaker by Nativea “nice voices”


Audio book Production 1    (“Der Trotzkopf” by Emmy van Rohden, read by Miriam Molitor)

Audio book Production 2    ("Die Kunst Recht zu behalten" by Arthur Schoppenhauer,

                                           read by Nativea audio book speaker)

Audio book Production 4    ("Briefe aus der Schweiz" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,

                                           read by Nativea audio book speaker)

Audio book Production 6    ("Über den Umgang mit Menschen" by Adolph Freiherr von Knigge,

                                            read by Nativea audio book speaker)

Audio book Production 8    ("Psychologie der Massen" by Gustav Le Bon,

                                            read by Nativea audio book speaker)

Audio book Production 9    ("zu dem Werke über den besten Zustand des Staates" by Thomas Morus,

                                            read by Nativea audio book speaker)


Services of your audio book production on one glance.

  •  Advice by audio book speakers for your project
  • Planning and conception
  • Competence and first-class equipment
  • Professional production environment
  • Experienced audio book producers
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Quick and flexible implementation
  • and many more…


If you have any questions concerning audio book productions or if you need more information, please contact our personal customer support service.

Trust the long experience and professionalism of Nativea nice voices if you want to have your audio book synchronized. We are looking forward to your request.