Speaker Management

Nativea nice voices is your professional service provider for complex project implementations of all kinds. You will not only get the suitable native speaker in nearly every language but furthermore our project and speaker management will give you everything you need for a successful implementation of your project. This will leave you with more time for other important company projects.


Why do I need a management?

A project management helps to control and coordinate complex order implementations. The advantage for you is clear. You only need to communicate your project specifications or ideas to Nativea once and you will receive the solution on time according to our coordinated work procedures.


This means an enormous relief for your project department and is indispensable for you as a customer if you have no time for communication and contract negotiations with each required native speaker. Furthermore we can take over all plannings, appointments and project procedures to enable a smooth implementation for our customers.


What does the speaker management of Nativea?


The management of Nativea takes care of all executions which you as a customer have ordered or asked for. This will surely also include many activities which we manage for you without being noticed, but which are necessary for a successful project implementation.

For many customers this also implies the creation of commercial texts for radio, telephone, tv, film and internet advertising. Furthermore, many customers also want the required text translated from German into the desired target language. We are your project contact person for the translation of texts, too. 

The project team of Nativea nice voices doesn't only communicate with all parties involved in a project, but also accelerates procedures through proactive processes and leads all relevant contract negotiations (price agreements, rights of use etc.) with the speakers.

Your advantage will be that you will only receive one invoice from Nativea instead of many from numerous individual native speakers from other countries. Different speakers may prefer different methods of payment, which can turn out very expensive through bank fees etc. Furthermore we will take over the planning, creation and placement of individual speakers, which can be entered in process lists and translated in the desired language.  

The speaker's projects will be developed, planned and implemented on time according to your or our specifications. You as the customer can save yourself all these processes, as we have the know-how and the experience to implement complex projects successfully together with you. Do not hesitate to test the speaker management of Nativea! We are looking forward to your enquiry and will support all your language projects!