Synchronic-production by Nativea „nice voices“

Why having a synchronic production with a Nativea “nice voices” voice actor?

The voice actors by Nativea “nice voices” derive from the whole world to produce your requested synchronic production. For developing an individual speech production, some factors are very important and absolutely need to be considered:

  • Does the synchronized-production involve a given TC-Code (Time Code/time specifications) where a script using specified seconds is available for the voice act?
  • Do you have a lip-synchronic production where the speaker is provided with a script, video or film? Those periods have to be synchronized exactly for presenting the spoken and shown simultaneously with the text.
  • Do you have a person in a film or video speaking so the voice actor has to speak at the exact same time and moment when the person moves his or her lips?

Why do we look for voice actors?

You will require a voice actor, if you already have a finished film or video with a speaking person in a certain language and you only want to transfer the film into another language. The same applies for the setting of cinema- and TV-productions.

What does a voice actor do?

A voice actor is always needed where films or videos are produced. In visual media, certain characters are casted with women, children or men. For making those international films in a differing language comprehensible in German before they are presented in cinemas, they have to be translated professionally and comprehensibly.

A voice actor has to master various tasks which is not always easy since the voice actor, for example, has to speak a sentence in German in the same time period as the actor does it in English. Lip movements of the actor have to be synchronic with the spoken words of the voice actor. Within animatic films, figures are produced on the computer and they speak as well. Therefore the speaking time is important. The voice of a voice actor has to transmit the emotions of each figure very well and this is only possible with a professional voice actor.

Nativea “nice voices” is looking forward to your request for finding a suitable voice actor!