Sound Design & Sound Branding with Nativea nice voices


Nativea designs individual project presentations for audio & visual media!


Nativea produces, develops and composes individual sounds and creates the desired audio design for your advertising, your film, radio, cinema, events and all multimedia media.

We support you in all instances: From electronic music to orchestral film music!

- individual sound design

- exclusive music composition

- Soundmix or analog mastering


Nativea offers you the necessary specialist knowledge, the competence and above all the passion to implement your project individually!

We innovatively develop your project in harmony with your branding.


Through experience and competence we create your desired and individual sound worlds for your planned project!

For your unique image, uniquely combining unique emotions and a harmonious sound character with your corporate brand!

Together with our partners we develop individually designed sound concepts for audio and visual media.


The perfect native voice actor for your branding


Of course Nativea offers nice voices in its main segment the right voice (s) you need for your planning.

We create speaker castings and always find the perfect voice for your project!

If we do not have the voice of over 1000 votes in the portfolio that you need right now, we will find your desired speaker's voice!

Our productions are recorded with state-of-the-art studio technology and well-known equipment and then edited.


Nativea Sound Design + Speaker Production Example:


You will get an insight > here <


All services of Nativea nice voices at a glance:


Analog Mastering
Audio editing
Audio branding
sound recordings
vocal recordings
instrument holders
music composition
Orchestral arrangements
Postproduction & Project Management
sound design
sound concepts
sound Logo
sound mix
spokesman castings
synchronous production
Sound restoration
5.1 Surround