Speakers selection

At Nativea nice voices you can find a large selection of international speakers. The configurator for the selection of speakers was especially designed for the needs of our worldwide customers! 

You have two options to filter your choice of a speaker individually on our webpage. Here are two possibilities:

  1. You can find a selection of speakers in the upper part of the page (see image)!
  2. For all other pages of Nativea, you will find the selection of speakers in the lower part of the page on the right side (see image)!


Criteria for selection of a speaker

 You can filter the desired native speaker individually according to the foll. criteria:

  1. Sex
  2. Language
  3. Age
  4. Dialects
  5. Special Purposes

Please note that more speakers will be suggested to you if you leave the criteria 'dialects' and 'special purposes' on 'none' and don't change them!


The speciality of Nativea is the selection of both sexes!


At Nativea you have a selection of male, female or children speakers of different age groups. This makes the search for a speaker much easier – you have a complete overview of the desired languages and age groups.


The advantages of the search for a speaker with Nativea


You will save a lot of time when seeking a speaker by using the given voice samples in a specific language and of a certain age group. Furthermore, www.native-voice-talents.com offers you the possibility to choose between two speaker categories!

We can offer you professional speakers from our premium segment, as well as professional speakers from a cost-effective segment. This enables our international customers to choose a professional speaker suiting the project and the budget. Uniform speaker samples give you a perfect comparison, as well as the samples from the following fields:

  • Image film / documentary
  • Advertisement for radio or tv
  • E-learning productions
  • Announcements / telephone messages 

So why don't you test the selection of speakers from Nativea nice voices in over thirty languages? We look forward to serving you and to your enquiry.