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Dear speaker and speaker children,

“Nativea” as a full-service speaker agency is always looking for new speaker talents & native speakers from all over the world. Therefore we are looking forward to each application by speakers with a suitable home-studio equipment and appropriate quality of the records. Thus, we exclusively accept applications by skilled, trained and/or experienced speakers. Surely we will also provide a chance for beginners and will promote them on our website if the requirements are fulfilled.

As soon as we have received your data and demo, we will prove them and, in case of approval, we will contact you personally with additional information. Proving your application may take some time – therefore we ask for your understanding. In case of further questions, we are always at your disposal.



Our services of Nativea “nice voices” for you as a speaker:



We book, cast and mediate native speakers in all branches of the media industry. Wherever there is a demand for speakers in radio, film, TV & internet, Nativea (www.native-voice-talents.com) requires professional native speakers serving our international customers. In most cases, off-voices & voice actors for voice-over projects are booked by Nativea. Of course, all other media branches looking for native speakers are demanded as well.


We do not only consult our customers but also our speaker talents concerning calculated budgets for upcoming projects! As well, our task is the perfect coordination and management of appointments for our customers & speakers. The speaker management offered by Nativea “nice voices” also supports native speakers with their individual marketing, for making all speakers in our speaker data available for booking as soon as possible.


Within each speaker request Nativea receives, we pass on the request with the budget constraints to the appropriate or to the customer’s self-chosen native speaker. Of course, we consult our native speakers in all important questions concerning salaries. Nativea jointly coordinates and plans all appointments for the upcoming job with the speaker. As being booked by Nativea you invoice a bill to Native Nativea “nice voices” after finishing a successful voice production, and you receive your salary by arrangement.


Nativea aims to book speakers appropriate in age and branch for the customer projects. Therefore, it is inevitable that our speaker own an appropriate speaker equipment of very high quality. If this is the case, we individually promote each speaker for not only speaking personally once during the interview, but also for processing new projects together. Discovering outstanding new voices is always fascinating and thus we feel strongly about it. Therefore, we are constantly seeking for extravagant native speakers and as well young speaker talents to promote them individually.

More infos about the speakers / talents privacy you´ll find here!


Are you interested in a cooperation with Nativea “nice voices” to work as a speaker/moderator/singer?

So please send us your complete speaker application with contact details and some demo samples here:


We are looking forward to start our next media project with you!