Audio drama productions by Nativea“ nice voices“

Why having a radio play production with a radio play speaker by Nativea “nice voices”?

Radio play speakers working for Nativea “nice voices” come from all over the world to produce your requested radio play production. For being able to produce an individual radio play voice production, certain factors have to be clarified in advance!

We, Nativea “nice voices”, are your suitable service provider and we have suitable partners for your audio- and video productions. Additionally we are your individual book publisher and independent production site for radio plays. Our focus lies on the publication of sophisticated entertainment.

Therefore, our task is the authentic transformation of temporary and classical literature, as well as well as properly researched, historical topics. The core of our team is build up by many different talents, comprising the majority of multimedia radio play productions.

Most of our team members have completed a university degree which can be used in their particular field. Even the self-taught among us are not even amateurs yet. Partly, they have gained more than 20 years of experience which brings them to the same level of quality in the radio play branch. Their past and present experience confirms that. The success is guaranteed by a devoted passion, as well as the inexhaustible commitment within new and individual radio plays.


Always the right choice with Nativea “nice voices”!

Nativea “nice voices” puts great emphasis on perfection and professionality.

May it be proper background music, modern jingles, impressive sound design, radio spots or film scoring, we take care of you for jointly planning and realizing your radio play project.

Thereby we fall back on a long-time experience in the field of audio- and radio play productions, as well as on a strong and creative team made of composers, sound designer, sound engineers and radio play speaker from all over the world.

Nativea “nice voices” owns a network of first-class radio play producers and speakers, composers, sound designer, sound engineers to ensure a perfect implementation of your project. Take advantage of Nativea “nice voices’” first-class experience to design your individual radio play production.


Our services contain, among other, the following branches:

  • Consultation
  • Planning
  • Direction/recording/cutting/mixing & mastering of all audio data, beginning with speech up to singing
  • Restauration of audio data
  • Sound design for audio play productions or computer games.
  •  Musical compositions, jingles and many more…
  •  Book typesetting, book layout, illustrations, editing & proofreading
  •  App-development for iOS
  •  Photo, video and animation for product videos and many more…


Our radio play productions include, among others, the following:


  • and much more!!!



Do you have an idea for a radio play, and audio book, a radio spot or an image film and you aim innovative and creative radio play solutions? Do you require new ideas for current radio play productions? We would be pleased to hear from you. Contact us and share your ideas with us. We gladly support you with every step of the creative process. Take a look at our references, get to know us and contact us!