Your phone announcements production with a phone announcements native voice actor from "Nativea nice voices"

Our telephone announcements produce in over 40 languages ??your desired telephone announcements production (answering machine announcements, holding loops, Handy Mailbox systems, IVR a.m.m.) with gemafree music to customer-oriented prices! Successful companies do not just focus their knowledge on knowledge, but on a good voice for a professional customer reception. No matter if a phone announcements production, spots or jingles with professional voices. Nativea nice voices offers you the complete package for your success!

Notes on the professional voice over talents for your phone announcements production can be found in our speaker selection in your desired language. If you can not find a suitable voice, we are happy to help. Since we have an extensive voice actor database and international contacts, you too will surely complete your phone announcement project successfully. As a service provider all around professional voices, we know exactly what our customers have for requirements and wishes!

Telephone announcements from 19 € for private use

You want a voice prompt for your personal voicemail, with a nice voice message voice?

We are also happy to assist you here and present you from our telephone announcements voices the appropriate, which voices your answering machine text. Contact us and we will find the right voice for your answering machine!

Telephone announcements from 29 € for company use

You would like a voice message that presents your company in a clear and sympathetic way?

We are happy to offer you our telephone announcements in over 40 languages! You get top conditions compared to other market participants and a very fast delivery time, after commissioning within 12-72 hours!


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Professional telephone announcements voices (children, women, men)
  • fast availability and delivery service within 12-72 hours
  • in over 40 languages ??Voice prompts Speaker Available!
  • individual announcements present your company professionally
  • Nativea nice voices offers a fast and individual advice


What a phone announcements production with a phone announcements Nativea "nice voices"?

The phone announcements Nativea "nice voices" come from all over the world to produce your desired phone announcements production. In order for a telephone announcement voice to be able to create an individual voice production, some factors are very important in advance and must be observed:

  • Is it a phone announcements production with one or more phone voices?
  • Are the telephone announcements production a TC code (time code / time specifications) given, where the speaker for the telephone announcements the script with given seconds information is available?
  • Which language of the speaker is desired, or should the telephone announcements speaker or the telephone announcements spokeswoman speak several languages?
  • For what purpose should the telephone announcement be used (company greeting, product sales, advertising, etc.)?
  • Which customers call on the answering machine / waiting line (International, National, Regional)?
  • Which format (wav, mp3 etc.) & bitrate (for example 44,1 kHz etc.) do you need on your answerphone and should the announcement be played?

Why a voice announcements voice from Nativea "nice voices"?

A voice announcements voice embodies and individualizes your business towards your customers. Therefore, the choice of a professional native speaker voice is essential. Especially with such questions Nativea "nice voices" with all your professional telephone announcements is at your disposal!


What does a telephone announcer do?

A phone announcer or a phone announcer is needed wherever busy companies can not always go directly to the phone, or are otherwise prevented. In this communicative medium telephone or mobile phone, different roles of women, children and men are occupied for your personal telephone announcement. Thus, these texts must be translated professionally and comprehensibly in order to communicate the corporate message comprehensible to international customers.

The telephone announcements Voice of a telephone announcement speaker must convey the emotions of the respective company message or the mission statement very well. You can only do this with a professional phone announcer from Nativea nice voices.

Nativea "nice voices" is pleased about a request to your desired telephone announcements speaker or your desired telephone announcements spokeswoman!