speaker's data base

Nativea nice voices offers you a large speaker's data base with over 1,000 native speakers. Take A Nice Voice commercial productions has been one of the most popular service providers for more than eight years now, particularly for the implementation of complex language projects and the corresponding translations.

Our comprehensive speaker's data base is constantly improved and contains more than 1,000 native voice talents in over thirty languages. You can find male, female and children voice talents.


Why do I need a speaker's data base of Nativea?

A well-structured and comprehensive speaker's file, as offered by Nativea, is indispensable for most customers if complex language projects should be implemented. This is relevant wherever reliable speakers are needed who can read the needed texts professionally within 12 – 48 hours.

Our speaker's file was adapted to the needs of our customers, so that you can access all relevant speaker's samples fast and uncomplicatedly. This way you can collect the information which you require to place your enquiry and to successfully place your speaker's project in the desired segment.

How do I access the speaker's file of Nativea?

Our special speaker's file makes the search for the desired speaker easier. The search is carried out via a special configurator where you can enter all your query criteria which are relevant to find the desired native speaker in the speaker's file. Just enter sex and language, as well as age, and you will reach the desired native voice talents of Nativea.          


How can I book a native speaker through the speaker's file?

After your decision which native speaker you would like to book for your language project from our speaker's file, all you need to do is click on 'add' to insert them into the enquiry form. This way the system will ensure that you can request all your desired voices and no needed voice is forgotten, also not for your next project. 

After this customer-oriented procedure you can rest assured that you will get a personalised offer for your choice of voices or translations from our speaker's file. Now you can fill in the fast enquiry form and send it. You will receive an answer in the next 30 – 60 minutes for your enquiry. That's how fast and easy it goes with Nativea nice voices. We look forward to your enquiry!