Work processes

Work processes and advantages of NATIVEA „nice voices”:


 1. Nativea consulting  >  competent and fast
 2. Nativea planning  > concrete and coordinated
 3. Nativea text  > translation, adaption and many more
 4. Nativea voice  > sound and tuning
 5. Nativea production  > efficient and cost-effective
 6. Nativea delivery  > direct and simple
 7. Nativea billing  > transparent and flexible


What does Nativea stand for?

N = Natural voices

A = Absolutely professional

T = Top sound/ flexible tonality

= Individual planning

V = Various projects

E = Experience & Quality

A = Allround customer service


For you as our customer, consultation by Nativea means:

Competence and Speed

  • After the first request/contact we proceed an initial analysis of your individual project. According to your requirements we create an initial cost assessment and cost estimation.
  • In the next step, we develop a non-binding individual estimate for your request. We calculate We calculate a detailed and customer-oriented offer. Depending on the complexity of your project (and your detailed information) you immediately receive your offer.
  • After the sending of the cost assessment and estimation you contact us again. We jointly discuss the timings, and, depending on the range of your project, we bundle synergies to achieve price advantages. Our individual pricing and consulting means satisfaction for the customer.
  • Therefore, our written offer forms the basis for an effective cooperation. We are looking forward to your order confirmation.


For you as our customer, planning by Nativea means:

Coordination and Quality

  • We develop an individual project schedule, guaranteeing you an optimal coordination of each processes
  • After you text delivery (or text creation by Nativea) we develop your personal schedule up to the finished native speaker audio production. Hereby, all project steps are planned individually and compatible to meet the required timing.
  • Our project management aims to keep a steady customer communication to inform you about the current state of all processes. In contrast, we expect an open feedback by our customers concerning modification requests of the project.(of the text or the pronounciation)!
  • After receiving the production by our speaker we proceed a control procedure what is supposed to provide the customer (applied to time and text) with highest quality of the setting in foreign languages. Concerning our company model, this method nowadays is indispensable for a professional production audio-, film-, and media productions.


For you as our customer, texts by Nativea means:

Translation, Design and Adaption and many more…

  • Most language- or media projects require a translation for being able to transport the text, written in the source language, to one or two target languages. Each language has its own special peculiarity and therefore it is indispensable for having a certain knowledge of the branch as well as verbal knowledge.
  • Our specialist translators evaluate each situation and text individually to fulfill each criteria of the texts and to make the content comprehensible at the end. A consideration of the cultural context is performed as well by our specialist translators for making an analysis of the vocal and editorial part.
  • That’s why we achieve best results, working with the right evaluation and project management of the processes (creation of texts/adjustment of film sequences/setting to picture). On request, we provide a complete translation service, including preparation, design and adaption of your requested language.


For you as our customer, voices by Nativea means:

Tuning, Tone and Quality

  • We consult and support you while choosing the right native speaker voice. Finding the suitable voice is indispensable for making your message alive. The individual characteristic style and the impression of the voice give your speech project the right atmosphere and a unique quality.
  • The individual tone of the speaker voice decides about the success of your advertising- or image campaign. Native “nice voices” exclusively hires proofed native speakers. All native speakers in our data have a long-time experience and therefore meet our high requirements.
  • Take a look at our speaker portal and our various speaker voices. We are looking forward to work for you soon. Get convinced by Nativea’s high quality and the worldwide native voice talent portal.


For you as our customer, production by Nativea means:

Economical and Cost-Effective

  • Our project processes are planned customer-oriented and economically. All of our native speakers own a professional and modern equipment. Therefore we have the possibility to provide a quick delivery of audio- and media productions, even while having a complex time requirement. We deliver the complete produced audios or videos in the most convenient and reasonable manner, so they can directly be used for further processing. You receive your requested production format: An audio file for quick and easy one-click installation among a complete film or as a single-file with a title you can choose.
  • We put an emphasis on reliability, project management and controlling for all our services. To avoid mistakes, each record is followed by a sound- and picture examination of the speech- or media production for being able to correct possible mistakes immediately with the native voice talent. After that, we start the finishing with cutting and sound optimization, until your media production is ready for delivery. Using our services, you are not only provided with advantageous prices for speakers, but also with all services belonging to a successful media project. Beginning with text translations by native speakers in most common languages and ending with your individual explanatory film and customer-service which gives you and overall competitive advantage.


For you as our customer, delivery by Nativea means:

Straight and Uncomplicated

  • Our standard: online delivery. After completion, the finished records are transferred to our in-house server where they are available for downloading in your own customer directory. Almost all customers already use the simple and quick delivery per download.
  • Upon consultation you receive your personal access data or a download link. Among the “download” symbol you can find your product for straight download and further processing to your workplace.
  • Do you need your records finally assembled on an image- or tone carrier? We take care of an appropriate formatting and deliver the requested speech-, video-, or explanatory film production. Just ask us, we are pleased to help you!


For you as our customer, billing by Nativea means:

Flexible and Transparent

Here as well, we offer you professional and quick services. Contact us for more information about discounts connected to payment methods. There are different possibilities fitting your framework conditions. Please ask us!

For you as our customer, service by Nativea means:

  • Your estimate ready within one hour.
  • Individual speaker- and concept consultation
  • Customer-oriented prices
  • Discharge of your project management and thus more time for marketing tasks
  • Personal contact person for all questions and processes
  • Our native speakers deliver within 12 to 48 hours
  • We are at your disposal 7 days a week
  • Reaction to requests and questions within one to three hours
  • Only one bill by Nativea instead of several bills by numerous speakers and external service providers, needed for your project.
  • If requested, your individual voice casting or consultation
  • Our individual speaker demos and introdemos for a perfect voice comparison
  • More than 20 years of experience in the field of language & singing
  • More than 500 considerable customers and references from all over the world!


The company’s mission statement means.

Lived values…CCPSS

Competence, Consultation, Project Management, Service, Satisfaction