E-learning Production

Nativea „nice voices“is not only known for international native speaker talents, but also offers a wide portfolio of production services to all our customers. Our main focus lies in the section of speech production where an individual e-learning speaker is required. “Nativea nice voices” would love to take action for you whenever you need an e-learning speaker or one of our other services out of the following sections:

  • E-learning productions with e-learning speakers in the required language
  • E-Learning productions for staff training
  • E-learning concepts, modules & solutions
  • E-learning text translations
  • and many more..


E-learning native speaker productions with “Nativea nice voices”

With Nativea’s e-learning speakers you receive a required e-learning voice for your planned language project. Independently if you’ll need an e-learning speaker for educational videos, an e-learning speaker for training videos or an e-learning child’s speaker for educational videos, our data base is very extensive and offers an individual e-learning speaker voice for the needs of our customers. Nativea not only provides e-learning speakers, but also then complete project management, which leads to the success of your e-learning modules.


For which purpose do I need an e-learning speaker by “Nativea nice voices”

An e-learning production of digital media and e-learning modules for educational purposes might be very complex. Many factors do play an important role here, for example: didactical and scientific knowledge according to the area of application. As the market for professional e-learning solutions is growing steadily, it is essential for you as our customer to have qualified e-learning speakers. Not even in the future digital voices will be able to convey emotions the same way a human voice can do!


What is your advantage with a male or female native speaker by Nativea?

The advantage of our e-learning speakers is that your ideas fused with our years of experience with e-learning voices will reach the final project goal at the end. Your e-learning modules/elements will be delivered on time and with desired quality. Furthermore you convince your employees or spectators of e-learning videos with a real human voice, compared to a computer generated voice. The content is conveyed better and consolidates itself in the head of spectators and listeners.

You too can use our e-learning speakers by “Nativea nice voices” to effectively use all of the advantages of a real and professional voice for your educational purposes.

Convince yourself of our e-learning speakers and make sure you get your individual e-learning offer.