Voice over kids or child´s voice for your voice over project?

Nativea nice voices offers children's voices for your advertising on top conditions! Our international children's voices, youth voices & young voice actors convince with current language samples and fast availability within 24 - 72 hours. Finding a professional child voice for advertising is not so easy. Trust our market experience & international customer references, even if you are looking for a child's voice in a specific language for your project!


Looking for a child's voice for advertising?

A child's voice for advertising must be adapted to the needs of the project, as each child's voice must have an individual sound and timeliness. Compared to other market participants our children's voices are available very quickly and the auditions are not older than 6 months. This has the advantage for you that you can rest assured that our children's voices are always up to date and that we do not offer a child's voice that already has a different sound. When you request, Nativea nice voices will always have up-to-date children's voices in your desired language. Our international customer references speak for our experience with professional children's voices for your advertising project in over 20 languages.


Well-known children's voices & youth voices with professional voice training

Your children's voice agency "Nativea nice voices" offers an all-round service from the first consultation of the customer to the final delivery of voice production in your desired delivery format, such as: mp3, wav, aif u.v.m. With us you will find children's voices in the age of 5 - 12 or also youth voices in the age of 13 - 19 years. When searching for the right child's voice, just write us an e-mail, call us, or use the detailed search on the start page. As a rule, you will receive from us within 1 to 3 hours a customer-oriented offer for your professional childrens voice!


Voice over kids Samples / Demos:


German voice over kid Boy

German voice over kid Girl


Please note that we do not always have all available children's voices on our website. Therefore, please ask by phone or by mail (info@nativea.de) your desired children's voices request!


What do I need a child's voice for?

A child's voice is needed in many areas of advertising or for singing. Here is an overview of what a child's or a voice over kids voice can be used for:


  • Children's voice for radio advertising,
  • voice over kids voice for radio advertising,
  • Children's voice for TV advertising,
  • voice over kids voice for TV advertising,
  • Children's voice for cinema advertising,
  • voice over kids voice for movie theater advertising,
  • Children's voice for internet promotion advertising,
  • voice over kids voice for internet advertising,
  • Children's voice for imagefilm,
  • voice over kids voice for imagefilms,
  • Children's voice for product films,
  • voice over kids for product videos,
  • Children's voice for synchronous production,
  • voice over kids for synchronous films,
  • Children's voice for prompts,
  • voice over kids for Telephone announcement,
  • Children's voice for e-learning projects,
  • voice over kids for e-learning productions,
  • Children's voice for audiobook,
  • voice over kids for audiobook productions,
  • Children's voice for radioplay,
  • voice over kids for radioplay productions.